Added to my WordPress diary. I wonder if my children (and grandchildren and their children…) will see all this one day…

boy with a hat

Painting of Julia on a grave

The candles lighted the room as they held each other’s souls in the embrace of their purely exposed bodies. The Moon howled together with their hungry hearts. The stars danced to their rhythm… She opened her tearful eyes whispering “I miss you” and swept off the leaves from his grave.

This story was written by…

Julita Wozny: In the corner of biography is left an empty space for a cosy chair that may arrive one day from it’s far journey. Once it arrives Julita will sit there comfortably with a book in her hand (and a fancy hat on her head), and drink the words until she gets dizzy and passes out. ‘Til that time, she cherishes the silence.

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