82A2AEB9-7FC3-4F12-8028-D32380DDABF9Oh, hi there! What’s that? It’s been long you say? Well, my goodness me, you’re absolutely right! Four years! Exactly four years ago I spoke here for the last (?) time… There are many reasons why this happened: having a baby, moving houses, feeling overwhelmed, getting nasty messages and then feeling unnatural, trying to write again knowing these people are observing my blog… 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyhow, I’m back! Well, at least tonight. To wish you all a very merry/happy/lovely VD❤️ Now now, don’t worry if you haven’t got any plans or have plenty of plans but no one to share them with. Valentine’s Day is just a date. You don’t have to celebrate it just because some do. Do what feels right to you. But whatever that is, be sure to enjoy it. To wake up feeling grateful for another day.  That’s what I feel first thing in the morning-gratitude. For one more morning, one more smile, one more glance at my sleeping babies. After all it’s the little things that add up to happiness. And I choose happiness. Every day. Again and again. And it’s a real great feeling!

With love,

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