Paints & Brushes

With the temperature above zero, strong wind and rain almost every day, I feel as if Winter never arrived. Feels more like gloomy Fall, and to be honest, I’m already longing for more sun. Just can’t wait for those beautiful Spring flowers to bloom, and for the days to get much warmer and longer.

Z silnym wiatrem, temperaturą powyżej zera oraz deszczem niemal każdego dnia, wydaje mi się jakby zima nie nadeszła w tym roku. W powietrzu unosi się melancholijny klimat jesieni i jak mam być szczera, tęsknię już za słóńcem. Nie mogę się  doczekać kolorowej wiosny; tych dłuższych i cieplejszych dni…


photography by, edited by me

But of course I don’t have all that much time to worry about the weather… Things are pretty busy around here since our baby boy came to the world. But I must say, it’s not as difficult as I thought it would be. The boys are in love with one and another, and I haven’t yet noticed any signs of jealousy. Of course my man and I have much less time just for us, but our relationship is strengthened by our children, and all the beautiful moments we get to experience together thanks to them.

Przyznam jednak, że nie mam wiele czasu by martwić się pogodą… Odkąd na świat przyszedł nasz mały skarb, jest co robić. Ale nie diabeł taki straszny, jakim go malują; myślałam, że będzie dużo trudniej. Chłopcy uwielbiają się wzajemnie i jak do tej pory, nie zauważyłam oznak zazdrości. Rzecz jasna, chwil dla dwojga jest znacznie mniej, ale nasz związek trzymają w sile dzieci i wszystkie te piękne momenty, jakie nam dają, abyśmy mogli na chwili wymienić się pełnym miłości spojrzeniem i wzajemnym porozumieniem. 


However what do these photos have to do with what I wrote? Well, paints & brushes are also part of our daily life. Living with a creative is an exciting adventure that inspires me every day, and these shots are, in a way, our group creation – photography taken by Sal Mallen, edited by me.

Co jednak z tym, o czym piszę mają wspólnego zdjęcia szczotek i farb? No coż, one też są naszym “chlebem powszednim”. Zycie z artystą to ekscytująca przygoda, która inspiruje mnie każdego dnia. Zaś te zdjęcia są niejako owocem naszej wspólnej pracy – wykonane przez Sal Mallen, obrobione przeze mnie. 

Wish you all a sunny day!

‘Til next time,



3 thoughts on “Paints & Brushes

  1. Hello Julita 😀 I am so pleased to read that you and your family are exceedingly happy. I expect you are permanently tired though with the new baby. Toni had a lump in her breast and a high fever for a few days. She had a milk blockage infection and is now okay on anti-biotics. I joked with her that the last time she was on anti-biotics her Pill didn’t work and Liam came along. She laughed saying, “no, not again !”. Liam is fine, putting on weight fast ! Hugs xox ❤

    • Haha, you like to tease! 😉 Poor, Toni though. I also had a tricky moment, when my breasts started producing way more than my baby was eating, and was worried to get an infection, but I tried out a good old cabbage way to solve it. You have to smash leaves of cold cabbage, and then place them on the infected breast until it gets warm. The juice has an anti-inflammatory effect. It works 100%! This time I avoided the infection, but with my older son I also had a temperature, and thankfully the cabbage saved me back then as well :). No antibiotics.

      As for being tired, I must say I don’t feel so tired… I’m surprised myself! I think it’s because I’m use to getting up every night and checking on my older son, who tends to uncover and get cold. So I’ve had an over 3 year training ;).

      And how about you? How’s your health? Any news from the doctors?

      • I have translated this reply of yours into Spanish and emailed it to Toni as she knows what I know about you and your new baby. I am sure she will be happy to read about your cabbage treatment.
        My latest post gives up-to-date details of my health my friend. Thanks for asking. 😀 ❤

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