Coming Soon…

ComingSoon_julitawozny.com_16.12.2014It’s the 38th week, and the bump is still slowly growing. It’s getting harder & harder to manage this baby boy who constantly changes his position, hitting places I wish he wouldn’t. On one hand I’d love to hold him in my arms already, but on the other, I am aware these are the last days of a bit of “me time”, so I try to enjoy this time as much as possible.

To już 38. tydzień ciąży i brzuszek nadal powoli rośnie. Coraz trudniej mi z moim synkiem pod sercem, gdy nieustannie zmienia swoje pozycje, uderzając w miejsca, które wolałabym by zostawił w spokoju. Z jednej strony chciałabym już go utulić w ramionach, a z drugiej mam świadomość, że to ostatnie chwile “czasu dla mnie”, więc staram się raczej nacieszyć tym momentem pozostałego spokoju. 

Hope you have a lovely day!
‘Til next time,


3 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

    • Thank you, Ralph! Lately I’ve mostly felt pregnant! 😉 Yes, we have a date for the 29th of December, but I’m hoping to deliver in the beginning of January, because I guess it will be easier in school later. Maybe I’m wrong though. But on the other hand, we can’t wait to see our child already. And our boy can’t wait for his baby brother to join his life journey – he’s a very social type. Thankfully! 😉
      Any news from the hospital?

      • Yes,, you surely do look VERY pregnant and lovely in your latest Frost post in my Inbox. I hope the day works for you and your new son a-coming.
        Toni went into hospital a couple of hours ago. No news why as yet.
        I am just in the process of drafting a hospital post about my adventures yesterday. 😀

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