Red Heels

RedHeels_julitawozny.com_2.11.2014_1Today is a day when we go to the cemetery to visit graveyards of our close one’s that passed away. We do this to maintain the memory of the people who were special in our lives, and that we truly love. I like this day, because it helps me to stop for a moment and think about all I have, and all the people who were and still are part of my life, helping me be better. I feel fortunate to have a loving family and wonderful friends.

Dziś Dzień Zaduszny, a więc czas, gdy odwiedzamy groby naszych bliskich, którzy od nas odeszli. Lubię ten dzień, gdyż stanowi on moment zadumy nad moim życiem; nad tym, czym obdarzył mnie los i nad ludźmi, których mi zesłał. Dziś w szczególny sposób doceniam wszystko to, co mam, i każdy dzień jaki dany był mi przeżyć.


RedHeels_julitawozny.com_2.11.2014_4RedHeels_julitawozny.com_2.11.2014_8trench coat – PULL & BEAR | shirt, koszula – H&M | scarf, chusta – House | jeans & heels – ZARA

‘Til next time,


6 thoughts on “Red Heels

  1. Hi Julita 😀 Nice shoes ! Toni’s bump is much larger than yours. I hope all is well. Not long to go now for both of you. xox ❤

    • Thanks, Ralph! 🙂 I have a feeling, Toni is probably much shorter than me. The taller you are, the less big the bump grows. I’m very well, Ralph, thank you! Just starting to feel a bit of back pain now and then, but besides that, I feel great. How are you?

      • I am so pleased to hear that you are okay though the back pain must be annoying for you. Yes, you are tall ! Toni is knee high to a grasshopper so the bump does show more. I am okay, same as usual, will know more on my visit to the Neurologist next week. Happy Tuesday my friend. 😀

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