All Natural Home Made Lip Scrub Recipe

HomeMadeLipScrub_julitawozny.com_4.04.2014_1Lips are one of the most delicate and sensual parts of our body. They are considered to be a sex symbol, and are constantly used in advertisements. Observing others, I have noticed that a lot of men still cannot accept using lip balm, which seems to be an attack upon their masculinity. As for women, they paint their eyes, leaving their lips nude. Of course I do not claim all men avoid lip balms, and that no women paint their lips, but from what I see, at least in Poland, most don’t. I believe this comes from several reasons. One of them is that they are “afraid” of the change that color on the lips gives. It’s quite a difference and at first may be hard to get use to. Another thing is the choices women make. Many wrong color choices. Whether painted or not, lips should always be smooth and healthy looking. And that means hydrating! After brushing your teeth, after eating, before going out, before sleeping… But nowadays there is as many lip balms and other hydrating products out there, as there are shades of lipstick. Which one to choose? I’ve discovered two great products, and one of them is home-made.

A 100% natural lip scrub recipe:
  • 1 spoon of honey
  • 1 spoon of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 spoon of brown sugar
Przepis na 100% naturalny peeling do ust:
  • łyżeczka miodu
  • łyżeczka oliwy z oliwek
  • łyżeczka brązowego cukru

HomeMadeLipScrub_julitawozny.com_4.04.2014_2Place a bit of this mixture on your lips, and rub gently. Keep on lips for around 15 minutes, then wipe it off or eat it. It’s the best natural way to keep your lips unbelievably soft.

Nałóż niewielką warstwę mikstury na usta, a następnie rozetrzyj ją ustami lub palcem. Pozostaw na ustach na około 15 minut, po czym zmyj lub zliż. To najlepszy naturalny sposób na niewiarygodnie miękkie usta.


!00% Karite butter. This product is all natural which is something beneficial at start. It will not give as immediate effects as balms with paraffin, but also hydrates well, especially once your lips adapt to it.

100% masło Karite. Ten product jest w pełni naturalny, co jest jego zaletą już na starcie. Nie nawilża ust tak intensywnie i natychmiastowo jak balsamy z zawartością parafiny, ale przy systematycznym stosowaniu, usta przyzwyczają się do delikatniejszego działania i nie potrzebują silniejszych produktów pielęgnacyjnych od tego.

Have a great night & keep your lips temptingly smooth!

‘Til next time,







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