Paint It Yourself. Gold.


As I promised, I’m coming to you with some great do-it-yourself ideas with mini tutorials that will help you achieve that golden item. Hope you enjoy & feel inspired to make your own hand-made beauties.

Zgodnie z obietnicą, przedstawiam Ci świetne pomysły na dekoracje, które z łatwością możesz wykonać sam. (pomogą Ci w tym krótkie opisy). Mam nadzieję, że pozostawię Cię z głową pełną inspiracji i wprowadzę w wir kreatywnych robót.

48e8b77e60d7f0c0405e92379d177ce254ba85bc9eb2ac53ecd4a5be18bb2688The notebook & vase are created with the tape+paint method, which is presented with another image below.

Notes oraz wazon wykonane są metodą taśma klejąca+pędzel/spray, co zostanie lepiej pokazane przy innej inspiracji. Oglądaj więc dalej.5a7c34686b944fe7b25198abcde135de-1c28eafb4edbb6eb2dc9480af9ab0bcce1fc9f4e766aca81d4c1f4fbc5d7fc13fI’ve adored golden edges ever since I can remember! I was gifted a notebook with such pretty detail, and feel in love with it at first sight.

Od zawsze uwielbiałam złote brzegi. Podarowano mi klika lat temu tego typu notes i zakochałam się w nim od pierwszego wejrzenia. To długoletni związek. 1fb301931d51ea6449685070f8668eba943f4ec9d3f7736497d71be6b6437f5bBeautiful clothes demand beautiful background. / Piękne ubrania wymagają pięknego tła.

A touch of gold to a terracotta pot and golden balloons are definitely my kind of thing!

Odrobina złota na ogrodowych doniczkach oraz złote balony są zdecydowane w moim stylu!

95cfda602897f83f152a6c77e37367aaAll images via Crafts & DIY ideas on Pinterest 

Click to view more inspirations8165239f18293fe3fef3e1c870d5602f

This idea is adorable! And it can be a touching present for the parents. You just have to convince the child to make some foot painting, which I don’t think should be all that difficult. Children have an incredible joy and need to create and discover.

Pomysł z odciśniętymi stópkami jest uroczy i może stanowić wzruszający prezent dla rodziców pociechy. Musisz jedynie przekonać brzdąca do zabawy w malowanie stopami, a to nie powinno być trudne. Dzieci mają niesamowitą radość i potrzebę odkrywania i tworzenia.fb0e369da77b99550d5a9bc0f9ad82ded53d145f55472e36cfbe5e86747142f0d49263f92f5d9b63aeff5893d242d2daGolden wheels? Now that’s riding with style! / Złote koła? To się nazywa podróżować z klasą!

‘Til next time,


7 thoughts on “Paint It Yourself. Gold.

    • I always knew you’re a fancy man! 😉 I like them too! 🙂

      How are you doing, Ralph? I’m sure to catch up with your blog these days! I had very little time lately & didn’t even start my computer off for the few past days… Anyway, tell me! Wish you a splendid day! 🙂

      • Hi Julita 😀

        Fancy man !! Hehe 🙂

        I am back and forward to Ronda for loads of medical tests and a deeper brain scan is on the cards soon in Malaga. You always knew I was mad. So I am way behind with blogging though my latest post is just beautiful. You’ll enjoy it !!

        So how about you. Are you back in Spain ? And how is your house coming on ?

        Have a happy Thursday……what’s left of it !! ::D

        Ralph xox

      • Oh my…! I hope all goes well!

        As for me, I was in Catalonia for the whole past month and more, and I just arrived to Poland once more. We moved some things forward in our place (will post about it too), but it still needs a lot of time & work.

        Now I’m off to see your last post ’cause you gave me appetite for it!:)

      • I am amazed at how much travelling you do in the year, yet you have time to post and comment which are great for me as I do enjoy your blog. 😀 xox

  1. Oh wow Julita, some really terrific ideas like the dipping effect , the painted acorns and the terracotta pots. Oh my! Now I know what I shall be attempting this weekend. I am currently working on a seascape painting 2m x 1.5m , so may be when it’s finish I shall post it on the blog. Hope you have a great end to the week. Hey just an idea, dipping boyfriend jeans….lol.

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