The One & Only Pizza Base Recipe

This post contains no recipe, just a piece of advice from aunt Julita.

photo 4

Do you know those times when you want to cook something good, and you feel that EXACT thing is what you really want to eat at the moment? You’re all motivated and ready for the hard work. Then the difficulties start. You’re missing some basic ingredients… That’s exactly how my man & I created a very simple pizza base recipe.

photo 1

All you need is flour &…beer! Simple as that. It comes out delicious! I can’t give you the exact proportions. You just have to trust your intuition & cooking skills. You’ll notice more or less when the dough is good to go.

photo 2

Dziś nie będzie przepisu, za to dobra kulinarna rada. Gdy zabraknie wam podstawowych składników do utworzenia ciasta do pizzy, połączcie mąkę z piwem.   To sprawdzony sposób na pyszną bazę do pizzy, którą, drogą logicznego myślenia, odkryłam w czasie kuchennego “kryzysu”. Sprawdźcie sami!

Have a yummy evening & ’til next time,


5 thoughts on “The One & Only Pizza Base Recipe

  1. Dear Aunt Julita,
    Thank you so much for your latest cooking post. I will surely try this pizza-de-la-julita, but maybe it’s a bit too complicated for my culinary expertise 😉 Have a lovely week Auntie. Ralph xox 😀

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