Black, Jack!

d13bfe8632633b2e90f0ad98205de916 Black – the color that makes your skin look pale & tired. The color that is also always suitable & reliable (that is if clothes can be relied on…).

534c61b822cec6a412b3cb849e682b27tumblr_ma3v7rox9y1qcirk4o1_500-be90a501-sz500x737-animatef4a6e21cd2811bab5938a358c42a28cbIf your skin tone is tawny and you had a good night sleep, then black will definitely compliment you, adding sexiness, toughness & class. It’s a simple color yet adds a lot of character. The problem appears when you’re not one of those lucky people who get to sleep 8 hours, and always look like they just came back from vacation… tn_posted-on-shock-mansion-278Black-is-modest-and-arrogant-at-the-same-time45b3ae2b6e4fb18d95ba0f18595e3bc1The best way to use your blacks in such case, is to add your best color somewhere near your face. It can be a scarf or hat, a shirt/blouse/sweater or just lipstick. You’ll need a bit of (glow) support! Some also look great in grays (like me), and thankfully gray looks very well with black, and allows to keep an “all black” vibe in your outfit.


For more beautiful black outfit inspirations, visit my Pinterest page.

My choices. Shop black:


Czerń to kolor zdradliwy – sprawia że wyglądamy bledziej i bardziej zmęczeni. Jest też wyjątkowo bezpiecznym wyborem, który sprawdza się niezaelżnie od okazji. Nieważne jaki mamy odcień skóry ani czy przespaliśmy zasłużone 8 godzin w nocy, nie warto rezygnować z czerni. Lepiej dodać sobie blasku poprzez uzupełnienie czarnego ubioru dodatkiem w naszym “najkorzystniejszym” kolorze.

Enjoy your day & ’til next time’


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