Display Your Clothes

1ed978353974e1fa266c0474961e2b2cI truly believe that the feeling of having what to wear comes from a beautiful and well-organized closet. Clothes boutiques hire specialists to get the most from their display.  They influence their clients choices, so that one leaves with an ordinary T-shirt just because it was shining amongst a beautiful surrounding. The eye is a cheater… a3edb2ffeea8ac21ff1701b569f3f0f3

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So before going out shopping again, better rearrange your closet first, and make it look just as nice as in your favorite shop. Your clothing will gain a lot of attractiveness!3d97b95fe2dbe076a6d8dc5a54116b332590_cf6d

Now I feel like making some changes in my wardrobe…! Are you also inspired?

W walce o klienta, butiki odzieżowe nie tracą czasu. Zatrudniają najlepszych specjalistów, którzy czynią ze zwykłego T-shirty upragnione dzieło sztuki. Szczerze wierzę, że na poczucie “mam w co się ubrać” wpływa estetyka i porządek panujący w naszej szafie. Dlatego zanim ponownie wybierzecie się na zakupy, zadbajcie najpierw o piękno w swojej garderobie. Wasze ubrania stokrotnie zyskają na swojej atrakcyjności!

Wishing you a great day!


6 thoughts on “Display Your Clothes

  1. I am also in great need of working on my wardrobe… and i’ve tryied it hard but it is very difficult when you have little space… Plus, i have some of my clothes displayed as in the images you shared, and every time my mother comes visit me she is like: clothes are getting dirty here! 🙂
    Good luck with your renewal.

    • It ain’t easy, that’s clear. I struggle with the same problem as you do – just not enough space… And I don’t think I have that much clothes to have such problem.

      I can imagine your moms disapproval, I always worried about the same thing as she does ;). But it just looks so cool!

      Thank you & same to you! 🙂

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