The Bookshelf

photo 3Finally! The little big changes in our living room! It’s been months since I’ve taken photos showing our new hand-made (or my-man-made) bookshelf. Time passed but gave no chance of sharing them with you.

photo 1Things happened to change since then. We’re still building our home, and it will probably still take years until we’ll get it looking the way we want. Also knowing me, the furniture will probably migrate from one place to another. I’m the kind of person that likes changes (how about you, do you like changes? or maybe you’re afraid of them?) Anyway, despite the fact that things look a bit different now, I decided to show you photos from “back then”, and “now”. Perhaps you can tell me, which way you like it more?photo 2Above is the photo taken from the time “back then”, and below… well clearly the one from the time called “now”. We replaced our two smaller carpets for one huge one. Besides the white carpet which we bought in Zara Home, all others that we ever purchased come from, either a antique shop or a second-hand, and are in amazing good condition! Not to mention the quality! It makes us even happier to have them, knowing how little we spent on them. You’d never believe! We also moved the sofa against the bookshelf, so that we can watch the pretty view from our balcony windows. I like to sit there especially at night, when we’re both already too tired to work, and want to just chill out. We turn on a little light which we placed on the bookshelf behind the sofa. It creates a warm & intimate vibe that is just perfect for a calm & relaxing evening at home. I’m starting to get home-sick just to remember…photo 4


Nareszcie! Nasze drobne wielkie zmiany w salonie! Minęły miesiące odkąd zrobiłam zdjęcia, prezentujące ręcznie wykonany regał. Czas mijał nieubłaganie, ale nie pozostawiał miejsca na ich prezentację. Dlatego teraz pokażę wam wersję “przed” i “po” zmianie. Bo u nas meble ciągle migrują z kąta w kąt. Tak już mam. Tak już lubię. Zmiany to moje drugie imię. A wy? Lubicie zmiany czy się raczej ich boicie?

Sweet dreams for I’m off to bed! Waking up at 5 in the morning makes me fall asleep before midnight…!

‘Til next time,


7 thoughts on “The Bookshelf

  1. I love your room Julita. The book shelf is great 😀 It’s coming on. I am sure that you will get it the way you want eventually. Ralph xox 😀

  2. To me a bookshelf is the perfect furniture for a living room. I love yours, by the way 🙂
    I have enjoyed reading this post, I can really imagine the moment you described (when you are chilling out with an intimate light…). Love that.


    • I agree with you! Although I also always wished to have a separate study, a little library ;).

      I’m so happy to hear you caught the vibe of the place! 😀

      Have a lovely week, Nuresma! I bona nit!

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