Cookie Monster

photo 2Yesterday I shared with you the wonderfulness of Kusmi Tea. Another great choice when it comes to abroad shopping are butter cookies made in France. If you like cookies, you’ll definitely appreciate Grands Sables Au Beurre! They are just delicious! Plus the box can be reused, & make a nice storage & decoration. A lasting souvenir! Price for a big box: 7,99 euros. Absolutely worth it!

photo 1The boxes come in five different decorations, and two sizes. The one I am presenting is the bigger box. It is already enjoying its second 3

I hope these suggestions help you make a choice when you’re visiting France.

How about you? Do you know any French good worth recommending?

Wczoraj wspomniałam wam o herbacie Kusmi Tea, zaś dziś chciałabym wam polecić francuskie ciasteczka maślane Grands Sables Au Beurre. Jeśli jesteście miłośnikami ciastek albo chociaż łakociarzami, to ten smakołyk powinien być dla was idealny! Duże pudełko kosztuje 7,99 euro i jest zdecydowanie warte swojej ceny.

Have a lovely day & ’til next post,


6 thoughts on “Cookie Monster

  1. I love cookies, so thanks for this post which reminds me to buy some tomorrow. See !! You just knew I needed to get some cookies Julita 😉 Ralph xox 😀

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