Kusmi Tea Love

How are you all doing? I’m mostly sucked out of energy since my 5 a.m. wake-up call… Some mornings are not that pleasant…

photo 1

Anyway, I decided to share with you some great French buys, to give you an idea of what to purchase for your loved ones or yourself, if you ever visit.

photo 2

My numer one choice is KUSMI TEA. I’m a tea lover & for me a day without a tea is a lost day (some feel that way about coffee). But this tea is an excellent choice weither you’re demanding when it comes to your tea, or you like just about anything. It definitely measures up to the highest expectations!

photo 4

I bought this tea at a Kusmi Tea shop opening in Paris. A lady offered me a mini cup of Rose Green Tea (pink box on the photo above), and I feel in love with it instantly. I knew we can’t leave without it!

We choose a five pack of small tea boxes, which allowed us to learn more flavores. At the top of my list is St. Petersburg (flavored green tea). One of my favorites is also Christmas Tea (silver & red box) which is just perfect for this time of the year. They cost around 20 euros & seem to last forever!

photo 3

And here’s some great news. You can also shop these teas online!

Tomorrow I’ll share with you another amazing shopping choice.

Chciałabym wam polecić kilka świetnych francuskich zakupów, które mogą wam posłużyć za inspiracje na prezent dla siebie lub bliskich. Na szczycie mojej listy mieści się herbata KUSMI TEA. Jestem miłośniczką herbaty i dla mnie dzień bez herbaty, to dzień stracony (niektórzy tak mają z kawą). Produkt ten sprosta oczekiwaniom nawet najbardziej wymagających smakoszy. Moim ulubionym rodzajem jest ta o nazwie St. Petersburg (zielone opakowanie) oraz Christmas Tea (srebrno-czerwone opakowanie) – idealne na sezon gwiazdkowy! Dodatkowo już teraz można je zamówić na oficjalnej stronie firmy – en.kusmitea.com

Have a great day & ’til next post,


5 thoughts on “Kusmi Tea Love

  1. 5am wake up call !! Wow that’s early. You definitely need a cup of tea then Julita. Talking of 5am ……last Sunday at 05:05:33 I felt a level 3 earthquake which was centred 15km from here. Now that WAS a wake-up call 😉 Ralph xox 😀

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