All The Way On The Highway. Through Lyon.

photo 1

Lyon seems to be a beautiful city. It has a Parisian kind of vibe due to its’ romantic architecture. If there is something I love about the place I visit, it’s primarily the pretty buildings. Chic and class keeps me asking for more. Surely nature is very welcome. ALWAYS! It’s the green that pops out the beauty of human’s work, and makes you feel at home. Without it, the place tends to overwhelm and slightly sadden. photo 2photo 3From what I shortly saw, Lyon seems to lack a bit of good ‘ol trees. It’s mainly an industrial city with km of fabrics and pipes. I tried to capture this impressive view but couldn’t get a good image with the speed we were taking down the highway… (All images of Lyon were taken from the car. No time for a stop! ) However the nature that appears right after crossing the “industrial lane” is even better!photo 4 photo 5

With just this drive-through, I am sure I wish to visit this place one day. I have an impression I’d feel just fine there. If I ever do, I’m sure to let you know, and then we’ll find out if I was right.

But for now, I wish you a good day! And for all of those who are celebrating Halloween tonight, have a great one!

‘Til next time,


11 thoughts on “All The Way On The Highway. Through Lyon.

  1. I was in Lyon few years ago and really liked the place as it is very different than Paris, people were a lot nicer there!

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