High & Low, Hi & Hello!

photo 2Just a quick hello to find out, how you’ve been doing, and to let you know I’ll be posting photos from my trip very soon! Can’t wait!

Wish you all a lovely day and see you soon!


7 thoughts on “High & Low, Hi & Hello!

    • I did! As always :). Just all went to fast ’cause we had to be in Poland on a sharp day & hour. Finally I had not that much internet to connect & read your funny/touching stories…

      How have you been? What’s the weather like in Spain? Still warm?
      Have a lovely evening, my friend!

      • Wow. That is one heck of a drive. I have a friend who drives 30 hours, pretty much non-stop from here in southern Spain to Berlin twice a year ….. so that’s 4 x 30 hours.. Crazy !!
        I am okay. Still nice and sunny but a lot cooler.
        Have a fun time. xox

      • I wasn’t saying that you were crazy … well…… hehe !! But my friend was ! 70 years old, heart working at 30% and didn’t like to stop. When he arrived in Berlin on his last trip he fell into a coma and died. He wouldn’t listen about taking his time.

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