Audrey Hepburn Today

Yesterday I spent most of my day getting inspired and creating an edgy glamour looking interior for a contest called Project Glamour. And this means, I was out and away! That’s how I work, when I get focused with something, I’m totally in my own world, and won’t waste time on such earthy things like food. Until I finish my task. Or I’m starving… Yes, this is what happens when I’m having fun.
Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 13.20.48This is the first set I created which, I think, is also most polished. I could select any items my soul desired, but I decided to go the harder way (I like some challenge in my life), and work with few pieces the jury suggested. And that was a challenge since they weren’t something I’d normally pick. I put some of them in every set.

This interior is all kept in neutrals. And the image of the kitchen I attached to it, seems to be a perfect match for this place. Don’t you think?
Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 13.21.18This is another idea of an edgy glam place. This time I made things more neat, more squared-liked. I like the combination of art deco with XIX century French style. Well, I love French style ALWAYS (I’m sure you can find an exception to that)!Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 13.21.42And then there’s this even more glamorous black and white look. Mixing prints and textures. More cold, probably more sophisticated and daring. This wouldn’t be my personal home choice but it does tickle my taste!

On a side note, I called this post “Audrey Hepburn Today” because these sets somehow make me think of Audrey.

Do you fancy edgy glam? Which one of these sets would you choose for your home?

Większość wczorajszego dnia spędziłam na tworzeniu projektów dekoracji wnętrz o charakterze Edgy Glamour w ramach konkursu o nazwie Project Glamour. Zadanie to pochłonęło mnie doszczętnie, jak to się zwykle dzieje, gdy jestem zainspirowana.

Przedstawiam Wam więc owoc mej pracy – trzy propozycję na dekorację wnętrza o charakterze Edgy Glamour. Pierwszy, najbardziej moim zdaniem dopracowany zestaw, zachowuje równowagę w neutralnej kolorystyce. Drugi, łączy styl art deco ze, zawsze przeze mnie uwielbianym, XIX-wiecznym stylem francuskim. Trzeci, bardziej odważna czarno-biała wersja wnętrza Edgy Glam, jest zabawą z fakturą i drukiem. 

A czy Wy lubicie styl Egdy Glamour? Który zestaw wybralibyście do Waszego domu?

Have a great week & ’til next post,


12 thoughts on “Audrey Hepburn Today

  1. You must know me now Julita. I like the way that you have presented your 3 options. So if I had to choose, which I don’t as my apartment is now refurbished, but if I did have to choose I would go for ……. wait for it …..option 4 😉 To work so hard and starve yourself by doing so shows dedication. Ralph xox 😀

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