I’m Green. Emerald Green.


This post is dedicated to my green loving wonderful readers, Nuresma & Ralph, and to the rest of you who are happy green is back this season! In case you missed my last post where I showed some outfit inspirations with emerald green, here’s a link to it. Have a lovely weekend everyone & enjoy the ride!


 images via Pinterest boards

‘Til next post,


10 thoughts on “I’m Green. Emerald Green.

  1. Oh, thank you so much Julita 🙂 To me, green is an empowering colour.
    I’ve loved these photos because green stands out of the other colours (mostly greys).
    Una abraçada!

      • No, I’m in the US right now 😦
        Still two weeks before returning to our country…
        Well, 11 september is always emotional, specially last year and this year. It was a huge thing, what we did that day. I’m very proud 🙂

      • Oh, really? I hope you take the best from your US experience! 🙂

        Yes, it’s always emotional. But I wasn’t as emotional standing there on the 11th, as I was seeing all those people ALL OVER THE WORLD doing the same!

        Enjoy the States, and come back safe and sound! I bona sort! 😉

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