Last But Not Least

This is where my summer season ends. The weather out here is still sunny and warm, and I haven’t worn a pair of jeans since many months, but the nights are getting colder and my mind is far away in fall updates. So as I am refreshing my winter wardrobe, I’m also posting the last summer outfit. There were few more waiting in line, but maybe they just weren’t meant to be after all…


T-shirt & necklace, naszyjnik H&M | skirt, spódniczka asos | shoes, buty Venezia | bracelets, bransoletki vintage | watch, zegarek Wittnauer

This skirt is my summer favorite. I wore it so often! It has a length that exposes my long legs, but also it fits the body well so that I don’t worry that it may be too short.  Plus, I love the extra volume it gives to my hips.

The Tee is half linen which makes it super fresh and perfect for summer!

And the espadrilles which were a springs/summer must have… they were indeed a great buy since I walked an uncountable amount of km in them! Super comfy and stylish at the same time!


Before I leave this beautiful country, I hope to prepare some fall looks. The photos may not be in the street (due to very warm weather) but my place is more than perfect for photo shoots! Cross your fingers that I find the time for it!

Are you ready for fall?

W Polsce lato już dawno dobiegło końca i choć pogoda w Katalonii nie sprzyja myślom o jesieni, to i mnie pora pomału żegnać się z latem. Wkrótce zawitam do chłodnej Ojczyzny i już szykuję na to swoją garderobę. Dlatego, pomimo iż przygotowałam kilka więcej, to jest ostatnia letnia stylizacja w tym roku. Nie znaczy to, że zaraz schowam wszystkie letnie ubrania na tych szafy. Te ostatnie dni słońca zamierzam wykorzystać na opalanie!

Enjoy the week & ’til next time,


8 thoughts on “Last But Not Least

  1. I love the skirt Julita. Do you have to iron each petal/leaf individually ? You have to be careful with that skirt ……autumn is here 😉
    The second photograph gives me vertigo. My. You are tall !! Ralph xox 😀

    • Of course, I iron each petal! It’s the price of looking nice ;). Actually another reason why it’s perfect for summer, is that you don’t have to stand in front of a warm iron, bursting hot air at your face, when it’s 40 degrees outside…

      You’re right, Ralph. Since yesterday I clearly feel it’s not summer anymore. I even had to take out my boots. It got so chilly so suddenly!

      Have a great weekend, my friend!:)

      • Wow. That’s a lot of ironing !! I am lucky to have my neighbour Toni who does it for me ….. no petals though 😀
        There has been a cold wind but still sunny, so is hot in a sheltered spot. The evening is cooling down fast.
        Have a lovely weekend Julita. 😀 xox

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