Streets In Color

photo-95 This is Tarragona, one of Catalonia’s biggest cities. A city with a long history and many bruises. A place where you can find faded signs with a haunting calling “Franco, Franco”, and marks of bombs remaining on the walls. Streets where it often smells bad, but where you want to come back even though. Where are the beautiful beaches and colorful buildings. Where is maybe the highest amount of Russian tourists you can or cannot imagine, to the level in which you no longer know which language is official here (on a side note, it’s Catalan and Spanish). It’s a place filled with lovely people and great cousine. Is there something I forgot to mention? Too much to point out! Should you find out for yourself? Absolutely! photo 1photo 1Have you ever been to Tarragona?

You can find more posts with views of Tarragona here, herehere, herehere & my favorite here.

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7 thoughts on “Streets In Color

  1. Uf, els rusos han invadit tarragona? Havia sentit algo, però no sabia ben bé en quina zona estaven (a girona no se’n veuen gaires).
    Lovely post 🙂

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