Hang On! Re-Using Belts.

There’s so many pretty things out there, that I haven’t had the chance to share with you also all the great re-use ideas. And as I was preparing an interior design post for you this morning, I decided to change my previous plan and listen to my head, saying, you should make another one of your re-posts . So I did.

When you create a new home from zero, you usually find yourself having tones of stuff and lacking space for all of them. And sometimes it’s just not enough to hang another bookshelf that may bring down the space.


This re-use idea is very practical (like all of them, I believe), giving you additional storage space, as well as plays a decorative role itself. It’s also beyond expectation easy to make! So will you go for it? Please share your impression!


Have a great weekend everyone!

7 thoughts on “Hang On! Re-Using Belts.

  1. LOL !! This is about the zaniest idea that have published Julita, that’s why I like you 😉
    Rain today. The second day in months !! Take care. Ralph xox 😀

  2. it looks great,but I’m thinking that it doesn’t provide storage to that many books.. in my future library, where I have several book shelves, there it would probably be space for decorative belt hang-ons… <great title btw 😉

    • Yeah, you’re right, it doesn’t provide much place. That’s why it’s more an idea for an additional space. For those few books left ;).

      Glad you appreciated my title :D!

      Have a great night, Ksenia!:)

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