Delivered Delayed. Bureau.

photo 1I’ve been delaying this post for so long now! The idea was in my head, reminding me of what I need to do as soon as possible, and the material for it waiting patiently in my iPad. Just too many things going on lately. It’s Sunday, it’s the weekend, I’m in the kitchen making pierogi, which is a delicious traditional Polish meal (as I write this, I’m considering sharing a new recipe with you), but my mind is just editing photos and thinking to get that interior post done already! So I grab any free second between one dose of dough and the other, and start writing to my lovely friends & readers!

photo 2

In the past few months we made a little bit of changes, and progress in our flat. We built a fitting to the wall bookshelf (which was very exciting & fun as always, and which I’ll post about soon) & added a little bit of personal touch to the place (my favorite part). It’s all still pretty empty but we’re getting there.We’ll surly never clutter the place since we both like our surroundings to be fresh, simple & pretty clean from decoration. That way we can keep the cool when our heads are pumping with ideas.

Have a look & hopefully get a bit inspired! I’ll be glad to hear your opinion & suggestions if you have any!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3photo 4photo 1Odkładałam w nieskończoność dodanie tego wpisu. Zdjęcia czekały od dawna, a myśli wciąż wracały do planu realizacji kolejnej odsłony moich czterech kątów. Jednak ostatnie dni wypełnione były innym, pilniejszymi czynnościami. Ale jest niedziela, weekend i choć siedzę właśnie w kuchni i lepię pierogi, to każdą wolną sekundę (między jedną porcją ciasta a drugą), wykorzystuję na pisanie do moich drogich czytelników i przyjaciół. 

W ostatnich miesiącach doszło do paru zmian w naszym salonie, co przybliża nas do realizacji wizji tego pomieszczenia. Zbudowaliśmy regał pasujący idealnie wymiarami do płytkiej wnęki w ścianie i dodaliśmy pare osobistych akcentów. Nadal wiele pracy przed nami, ale każdy krok naprzód cieszy.

Enjoy your day & ’til next time!


10 thoughts on “Delivered Delayed. Bureau.

  1. Looks terrific Julita and I always think when developing the style of any place although we may be brimming with ideas it is always best to do the changes slowly, as any mistakes can be costly. I hope you both have a great weekend…..maybe some scatter cushions from your boyfriends jeans….only joking lol!

    • Actually I created this post because of your comment on an earlier one. You said there you liked the bureau:).

      The jeans comment made me smile! Don’t give me ideas!;)

      Have a great one!

  2. No !! I refuse to react !! Would you like to have a can of paint my friend 😉 My apartment is almost finished and I will be showing a slideshow post in about 10 days time as I have Ute from Utesmile visiting then and I want it to be a surprise for her. You will be welcome to comment on the renovation Julita and I will want your expert opinion. No holds barred. Up for it?

    I can see it will take time for you to get your place the way you want it. I am looking forward to your future posts. Ralph xox 😀

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