The Header

I’m a person who likes changes and is always looking for ways to improve things that surround her, that is to make them more beautiful. (Now, before you start thinking I like to change people as well, I’ll make this more clear. I like to change things, not people.) As you may remember, I wasn’t fully satisfied with the appearance of my blog. I decided to make some subtle changes that actually make a difference, and see how I like it as time goes by. For now I’m pretty happy with it. Until I find something even better…

As for now, I’m giving you a close- up of the present header.

photo-85H&M sunglasses & earings, Vogue Magazine, personal notebook and art & design booksphoto-83

As for the horizon, it’s a representation of home & journey in one. Constant travel – my lifestyle.


Cup of green tea and lavender – one of my favorite flowers.

When I was taking this photo, I wasn’t thinking of it as a possible main image for my blog. That happened almost accidentally. However it does represent this page quite well. It shows literacy, fashion, cooking, relaxing, traveling, beautiful  lifestyle… & of course art understood in many ways. All in one image.

What do you think of it? Do you like the header of Black & White Colors?

Have a great day & ’til next post,


13 thoughts on “The Header

  1. Wow. Fantastic Julita !! Two on a trot. Let’s make it three !! 😀

    The header really shows your personality to a T.

    City girl. Relaxed. Sunglasses …… possible undercover agent. Books for cracking secret codes. Lavender, in case of a chase, it will put the dogs off the scent. The tea …… shaken but not stirred. The white tablecloth …….. really a parachute in case you have to leave your apartment in a hurry.

    Ralph xox 😀

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