Neon Tee On A Cloudy Day

photo 2

I have a huge delay in blogging that’s why these photos are taken still in Poland where it wasn’t so hot yet. I have to say, I haven’t yet worn any summer dress in Catalonia neither. Perhaps I’m saving them for the real summer days…!

Hope to improve and update more frequently. Don’t loose faith in me just yet! In the meantime, a neon and leopard outfit that I can still wear and feel perfectly fine in, any time of the day and on any everyday occasion.

Mam olbrzymie zaległości w prowadzeniu bloga, dlatego dzisiejsze zdjęcia prezentują stylizację z Polski. Mam jednak nadzieję szybko nadrobić zaległości i dodawać nowe wpisy systematycznej niż ostatnio. Póki co, neon i panterka. Ten strój mogę nadal nosić niezależnie od mojej lokalizacji, bo póki co nie odczuwam nigdzie palącego gorąca. Letnie sukienki muszą jeszcze trochę powisieć w szafie.

photo 1

blazer/marynarka Zara, tee/koszulka Reserved, trousers/spodnie H&M, shoes/buty Marco Tozzi, laptop case/pokrowiec na laptopa Asos, watch/zegarek Wittnauer

‘Til next post,


10 thoughts on “Neon Tee On A Cloudy Day

  1. Hi Julita. This is you fashion make-over guru here 😉

    I absolutely love the top half of your outfit. The blue jeans and leopard bag are a no-no to me. A matching below knee skirt to the jacket. The bag matching the shirt, Shoes are perfect.

    That will be €5 consultancy fee 😉 Ralph xox 😀

    • Hmm… As for arranging business or just for almost any work, I agree. But I’m too active & young at age and heart to go like that for everyday. Also, I like to play with different styles. A under the knee skirt would be too obvious in my opinion.

      Those jeans aren’t blue though, they’re khaki. Must be something with the screen.

      Can I pay that with comments?;)

  2. love your outfit! And I think it looks quite summerly 😉 but you should hurry and wear the summer dresses even if it’s slightly chilly! I don’t know about you, but I end up buying dresses every spring-summer while waiting for warmer days.. and there have not been enough warm days for all my dresses the last summers :-/

      • Haha, I understand you, Ksenia! 😀 But I don’t have so many dresses to not be able to dress all of them this summer. Plus both Catalonia & Poland have hot summers, so I’m very sure to have time to wear all of them! 😉 But you’re right, espcecially since I love pairing dresses with jeans and military style jackets.

        (From what I know coffee helps to loose weight. Although I think it strongly depends on which kind you drink… A great dose of latte or cappuccino… not the best choice 🙂 )

        Have a lovely day, dear Ksenia & I’m crossing my fingers strong for all your good decisions! 🙂

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