Striped Inside


You probably already noticed that one of these season’s trends in fashion are stripes. Along with clothing trends go interior design trends. For that reason animal print, black & white and strips are constantly appearing in the hottest interior styling magazines and sites. I also bring to you a selection of decorative stripes in interiors with an elegant character.

Prawdopodobnie już zdążyliście zauważyć, że jednym z dominujących trendów w modzie w tym sezonie są paski. Razem z tendencjami w ubiorze, idą style w dekoracji wnętrz. Z tego też powodu motywy zwierzęce, połączenie czerni z bielą oraz paski stale przewijają się w najmodniejszych magazynach i stronach na temat stylizacji wnętrz. Ja także przynoszę Wam małą garść inspiracji z użyciem pasków we wnętrzach o eleganckim tonie. 

foyers-2.jpg-decoratiBlack & white striped carpets a subtle touch of modernity.priscillamaeetal.blogspot.comI’m an absolute lover of french style chairs! Both the one’s seen in the first photo & the one’s just above. Hope to find one of these authentic beauties at a good price.

Have a great day & get inspired!


9 thoughts on “Striped Inside

  1. the chairs look very confy! happy searching 🙂 not sure about all the stripes though.. I got all those striped dresses and shirts when it was IN, but I grew bored of being “striped” quite fast and I have a feeling it would be like that with a sofa too :-p

    • Sure does look comfortable! I think you’re right with stripes though. I wouldn’t go for them when it comes to interior decoration. A shirt or tee is different ’cause you can wear them whenever you feel like it, but a striped sofa is something you’ll be seeing every day. So no, I’m not a fan of patterned furniture. But in the photos it looks very nice ;).

  2. Not for me, but I am persistently following you my friend until you post something I like 😉 hehe !!

    I hope you are having a lovely week Julita. Ralph xox

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