Two-shade staircases give an impression of a carpet without a carpet. The obvious advantage of that is not having to clean the carpet that will most likely with time get very dirty, and which is difficult to clean since it’s usually well attached to the surface. Painting the middle or sides of the stairs in a different color adds a bit of warmth to the overall appearance of the interior.

This is probably the most pretty idea I found! Combines my two favorites – white & wood.af1397583534fda51c12cc29d59ff072


And last but not least, a brilliant staircase storing idea. So much better than an empty hole behind the wall!

How do like these inspirations?

‘Til next post,


5 thoughts on “Staircase

  1. I just love the ingenuity of the last one. So much storage and it looks fantastic. I know you love the first two my friend. Not for me !! Must be very noisy when stilettos click-clack up the stairs. Or would you take them off ?? 😉 I hope the weather is better for you Julita. It’s getting hot here in southern Spain at last 😀 Ralph xox

    • It’s pretty brilliant, isn’t it?:) There’s never enough of storage!

      I believe heeled-steps would be noisy on any of these stairs…!

      You’re so lucky for the warm weather, Ralph. Or at least for the sun! It’s raining every single day here in Poland! I don’t mind rain, but two weeks of it is most surely enough. Anyway, I’m leaving & heading back to Catalonia in few days so I think I’ll survive it somehow;).

      • I really do hope that you don’t bring the rain with you as it is lovely here. I am sure that you will be glad to get back to Catalonia. You WILL survive ……… possibly 😉 xox

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