In Nude


It’s gotten pretty chilly & rainy lately, so a warm sweater became my friend once more…  Talking about climate change, I just arrived to Poland were everyone is dressing summer from head to toes! And I thought it would be the other way around… I made some interesting photos from the flight & hope to share them soon. Make sure to come back!

Ostatnie dni były dość chłodne i deszczowe, więc mój jesienno-zimowy sweter stał się ponownie moim towarzyszem. Właśnie dotarłam do Polski i na przekór wszystkiemu jest tu znacznie cieplej niż w Katalonii. Mówiąc o podróży, zrobiłam pare ciekawych zdjęć z lotu, które już niebawem Wam przedstawię, więc pamiętajcie, by zajrzeć tu ponownie!

imageimageimageimageimagesweater – Massimo Dutti, T-shirt – Zara, jeans – Pull & Bear, shoes – Ryłko, necklace – H&M

‘Til next time,


10 thoughts on “In Nude

  1. No Way !! I thought as your email post popped up in my Inbox. Julita !! No way !! Was I disappointed and on my way to Trading Standards? No !! A pretty woman walking down the street dressed in fine clothes is captivating. Well done my friend. Ralph xox 😀

    • I adore these pieces too. The shoes are not only good looking & great quality but also comfortable.You can’t ask for more! And the necklace goes so well with so many outfits, giving all a bit of spice. I’m happy with those buys! 😉

  2. Sensual, stylish, very elegant.
    You’d be pleased to know I have a soft spot for pull n bear socks. They don’t have a franchise in India yet but my friends never let me down be it pull n bear socks or good scotch!

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