imageThis post has been created in thought of the manifestation that took place today evening in Barcelona. This post is a sign of solidarity with the Catalans who wish to have their home back.

Dziś wieczorem w Barcelonie odbyła się manifestacja na rzecz niepodległości Katalonii. Moim zamiarem było uczestnictwo w owym marszu, lecz koniec końców, nie udało mi się na niego wybrać. Ten wpis jest przejawem solidarności ze wszystkimi Katalończykami, którzy pragną odzyskać swój dom.imageFor more information about Catalan manifestations, click here. Also visit .


Have a great weekend!


11 thoughts on “Identity

  1. That’s a classic picture and the next shot, very thoughtful and the last one, only you could have come up with that. I love this post but I’m saddened by the cries for freedom that continues in many parts of the world. 21st century should be about innovation, knowledge, sharing new ideas.

    • I understand your point of you, Arjun. In fact I very much share it. I believe in the world, more than nations. However, this is a cry for equality, which I believe you can really understand once you see it by experiencing where it comes from… There is no such thing as constitution in Spain. It exist, yes. But it has its on ways. It’s interpreted in the way that is more comfortable for the Spanish government. Catalans were and still partly are repressed for many years. They were an independent country, later possessed by Spain and ever since forbidden to even speak their own language. They are constantly robbed by Spain, which puts them highest taxes, which are no where to be found in the rest of Europe. No other country pays such high taxes! And even though they pay such taxes, they never have money for anything. In fact they have to close schools!
      They burn Catalan fields, and build most fabrics on the territory of Catalonia. The amount reaches a level which should not be allowed, but is allowed under silence. Not to mention everyday living details, like bad treating for speaking Catalan instead of Spanish, when Catalan is the official language of Catalonia. The list is never-ending!
      It’s really not just about being independent, just for the fact alone. It’s about a serious conflict coming from cheating and disrespect.

      • That’s a serious breach of human rights.
        My intention was not to look down upon the Catalans but to point at the UN and other international bodies like G8 who’s primary responsibility is to resolve such anti-human crusades.
        The silence of developed nations is the reason behind wars and unrest that continues to overshadow the very fabric of peace and human progress.
        People for valid reason march on the streets, shed their own blood. Their cause is always right hence the agitation. A common man has enough on hand to leave it all aside and shout slogans, take beating. Their cries are just and the world should take notice of their plight.
        It’s high time. Centuries of wars must stop. There are serious other issues at hand. There’s a lot of progress that needs our attention. Man-made boundaries should go. The vision of earth from miles into the space should be the common goal of mankind.
        I find it utterly stupid on the part of developed nations to think that defense industry is in an important economic source. That thought needs to be replaced with ingenious new ideas.

      • Oh, I agree. There should be no need of defense industry in the first place. So instead to put more money into that, we should be focused on making more peace… For that we need to learn tolerance. And that probably is the biggest challenge. ‘Cause then we have to realize our own imperfections.

        There’s a lot of blood-spilling protests in the world, but what I like about Catalans is that they go out in peace and joy. They don’t insult, scream or fight. They just march, sing and are happy. They humbly show that all they ask for is a independent land which they almost all agree to having. And I know this cause I was there several times, just in the middle of an event.

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