A Closet Of White

“A Closet of White” – sounds like a title of a novel, doesn’t it? I’d find such designation intriguing. What could it be about? It could talk about so many issues… A description of one whole life. Of one man’s journey. A man who is an open book, an open closet. But only because someone dared to reveal his story. To find the key and open the lock. His decisions, weaknesses, little pleasures… all told in a subtle tone. “A Closet of White” would be a daring story because nothing can be hidden on white, it keeps a mark of every action. In resume, it would be a story about a beautiful life that has its dark corners, its stains on white cloths…


This post however is not at all about an imagined novel entitled “A Closet of White” which might, by the way, already exist. It was simply inspired by my last post, which motivated me to doing some closet clean-up. A bit less grandiloquent…


Have a great day & see you around!



8 thoughts on “A Closet Of White

  1. You, Julita, must be. No. ARE every man’s dream woman !! To see a woman’s wardrobe/closet practically EMPTY of clothes is such a rarity. Normally there are so many hanging, jammed in, that they iron themselves due to the pressure 😉 And goes with that the saying ” I have nothing to wear” 😀 Ralph xox

  2. Ha! I’ve loved this idea where the title of a post could have his own history apart from the actual content of it 🙂

  3. hehe! if the novel doesn’t exist – someone should immediately start writing it! And I’m proud of you for making a spring closet clean-up 😀 Inspiring! I’ll have to do it one of these days too!

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