The Tolix Chair


The Tolix chair, also called the Marais AC Chaise, was designed by a French company named Tolix (how surprising!) in the 1930’s, and is hand crafted in France ever since.


Its’ design is simple and timless. Once used for bistros, now fits just anywhere! Made in a great variety of colors and brushed steel, can add a lot of life to any interior.taburetes1 c4071a15c409e5a07bec5def834bd2d60a8415ae228266355f9094b18f74f6b47d25717bf6593f4a886fdc270c9c79be4c8fee12a59b5eabcfa5082479bbaa10

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11 thoughts on “The Tolix Chair

  1. I wish that’s how my work space looks like. Then I won’t mind working everyday. πŸ™‚ Hi, Ms. Julita! Been a while, and it’s really nice to drop by in here again πŸ™‚

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