Just a week and two days ago I was high up in the sky, crossing skies to see a familiar land. I was headed home…


The journey would have been more pleasant if all went with the plan. But as life is, surprises happen. The plane had a three-hour delay, I believe caused by the unpleasant weather changes happening lately in Europe. It’s a snowy Spring not only in Poland…

So I got the opportunity to eat a not so great airport meal, pick up my “refund” which included a “7days” croissant and a small bottle of water. And meet some nice people along the way. Sharing the same problems brings people closer ;).

Once we got on board, we did some self-entertaining which happened to fit the latest sparkle trend:

imageHis up-graded T-shirt

I know some people fear of flying, like my brother for instance. But to me it’s a time of calm, when I can gather my thoughts and catch up on some chit-chat with the one I travel with. It’s a kind of family time. It’s always been a pleasure to me. At least ’til now. And you? Do you like to fly?

You asked for a bright cloudy view but due to the delay, I bring you a night sky instead, which to me, by the way, always seemed more spectacular.Β image

South Poland

imageMediterranean Sea Cost

Enjoy the last Easter hours & don’t get fooled!



10 thoughts on “Trippin’

  1. These nocturnal images are great! Too sad you had that delay…but anyway the important thing is to arrive safely to the destination, right? πŸ™‚

  2. I wonder so much where you went to! About flying – I always fall asleep 😦 It’s quite annoying as always make plans to read or write….

    • Lucky you! I can’t get myself to sleep anywhere besides a bed… And sometimes I’d really love to take a rest while traveling.
      Dear Ksenia, my destination is not at all as exciting as yours! I’m hoping there’s some new post waiting for me! πŸ˜€

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