Easter Egg. Creative Idea’s On Painting Easter Eggs.

weheartit.com:entry:56814146 Today’s already Great Saturday so it’s final time to decorate the eggs. I’ve always been using natural ingredients to add color to Easter eggs. Artificial paints scare me away! But actually there are many things you can use to dye an egg. Just think of all the food you are super careful eating, afraid of those not washable stains they may cause! 4fb6b1433e7f52eada41d2c9a960701b a0003fb06aeb2be65634389650efc6e0_large

And of course the onion peels! They give a nice goldish color. Add one of the chosen ingredients into a small pot with water and boil until the eggs turn into the desired color. To add a bit of shine, grease the eggs’ surface with butter or olive oil. Later you can decorate it more by making needle scratches or pencil drawings. I believe the second option is much faster and easier. I tell you from my own experience! However the effect may be a bit less thrilling.
Want more idea’s? Just have a look on all these great finds! They sure feed the eye!

Black & White

blogg.skonahem.com:heltenkelt:2013:03:15:arets-diy-paskagg: weheartit.com:entry:56808108:via:miss_capiscum13

Mr. Mustache

244249979760835682_RJdmiEKe_c_large weheartit.com:entry:56860857:via:LspLove goodeggbadegg.tumblr.com:post:46312250735:trendenser-se-en-av-sveriges-storsta

Gold & Stripes


You can find more creative egg decorating idea’s on my Pinterest board.

Enjoy the Easter spirit & have fun decorating!




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