Metallic Studs Sparkle


Next season’s trends such as live colors or the black & white combination are one of few options for refreshing your closet. Another way to look fashionable this Spring is going metallic! Studs, sparks, glitter, metal… all of these are the up-coming season’s trends. And I must say they’re quite accurate since all of these reflect the light, giving that desired summer glow.

52fd74c454babbed22d2ca85ebdbedf3 bb3df2ddde92cdfa95059e538f5cbd2d 789181281eb6f31b6bd57872c1ab3c47 A shade of gold or a shade of silver… If you want to go for a metallic top, you should stick to the color that matches your beauty type (you’ll find tips on how to know which is your beauty type here). Otherwise you just won’t get that glow effect. And if you don’t like gold and that’s exactly the color that matches you better (or the other way around), then you can always decide for a metallic bottom or an accessory such as a bag, bracelet, watch, ring, hair pin. 044f549ac9f19c403412621172a82af865d1ade5b97537c9408523280ae7b157

A simple casual look with a bit of metallic details that make the whole outfit look much more fresh & interesting:


f30d4645a9d568b561eb5e5d1a4c248126d4ebe0fa19c746cca3c6369635d6dfKeep lookin’ good and remember, everyday’s a good day to look your very best!



3 thoughts on “Metallic Studs Sparkle

  1. Aah! I really LOVE this trend – and I’ve bought more sparkling metallic shorts, tops and shoes than I’ve had opportunities to wear them :-/

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