The Leather Satchel Company


Leather Satchel Co. is the name of a British brand which creates world famous Cambridge style bags. All products are hand-made from 100% genuine leather. You can purchase them in several sizes and an almost infinite vary of color. Plus they are suitable both for men and women, and children!

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These crafted satchels are so desired and popular probably for their quality, and connection to universalism and old-school style (so fashionable now!)



My personal favorite is neon yellow which is already on my wish list. It makes a spring/summer outfit look joyful and fresh, and a fall/winter one more alive and unique. Works all year round!


The only thing I’m concerned about are the buckles. To open and close, and be secure in a metropolis, you have to unbuckle and then buckle again both sides. That may be a bit uncomfortable to have to do each time you want to take out a wallet, phone, keys, tissue or lip balm, etc. … Then again, if you really are into it’s looks, that shouldn’t bother so much. Right?


All of the presented images come from my Pinterest board Fashion, trends & outfits.

If you own a leather satchel from Leather Satchel Company, please share your impression of it!

Have a sunny Sunday! (The sun is blinding me as I write this…)



6 thoughts on “The Leather Satchel Company

  1. Wow, Stunning colors. The Neon series, Right?
    Nowadays I never miss a chance to flaunt before woman “Do you know Neon is in?!”
    And a new addition – Monochrome…

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