Farewell Winter With Mandarin Trees.

imageI know the worse topic to choose is probably weather, since it just proves you have nothing better to talk about… But I’m waking up every day and looking for signs of up-coming Spring… The sun is an everyday visitor lately, and so are the birds singing under my window. And those two are more than lovely! Spring is coming!

It’s time to give Winter a warm farewell! The last snow is melting, the cold is moving to the other side of the globe… Slowly, but vanishing…

Goodbye, Winter! I know you’d like to stay around a bit longer, but it’s time to leave.
Others are waiting for you.

Don’t cry, Winter. Don’t snow…
We’ll see each other soon. We’ll see each other next year.

I wish you well, Winter.
Farewell, Winter!


Goodbye to the mandarin trees that grow in Wintertime. To the fruits I love a lot, that remind me Christmas time – the most joyful family event there is. Believe it or not, these photos were taken just few weeks ago. In deep Winter, in a place where snow rarely falls.


See you all hopefully in Spring,



2 thoughts on “Farewell Winter With Mandarin Trees.

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