What if all places would be ideal and beautiful…?
Would we still recognize their beauty?

What if we never had any problems, never shed a tear?
Would we still be grateful for our joys?

Would we then be happy…?

Sorrow, pain, doubts, failures… They’re all a part of life, and as part of life, they’re all beautiful. Without our “low’s”, we’d probably never notice our “high’s” and therefor never really feel happy.

Since life is built on harmony and circulation, don’t ever give up your hopes and dreams, and activity to fulfill them. The more positivity you send out, the more will come back to you.image
Be thankful for whatever life puts on your way, whatever challenge it throughs under your feet. Take it, learn from it.

Know, nothing is yours to own.
Not your life for death will replace it.
Not your health for sickness may come.
Not love for you cannot possess another person.

Respect all life gifts you and cherish it while it’s yours. Do not expect or wait for more than you already have.

You have a lot.
You have your life.
To use and to live.



23 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. I’m not sure what to make of Julie version 2013.

    I think she’s a bit different than how she used to be in 2012. I think she wears her hat more. 🙂

      • I’m fine thank you Julita. And you ??
        Why else would I venture into your world ? Solely for inspiration from my designer guru 😀 What’s a paint brush ?? 😉

      • Hi Julita. The apartment at the moment has 7 rooms, an L shaped hall/corridor and balconies front and rear. Major surgery is going to it open up to only 5 rooms with 3 walls coming down, one door bricked up and two new doorways created where there were windows. Two other walls will be opened up with rustic arches and the extension at the back of the house will have a flat roof instead of sloping Spanish tiles for solar water heater and satellite dish. The front two rooms will become one salon which I want to be comfy cosy Moroccan style, lots of lounging area and a blogging corner with curved wooden wall mounted computer table and loads of shelves with lattice edges. I think I have got the design right and my friend’s wife Hilda is going to help with the colour schemes and shopping for furniture. She loves shopping especially with someone else’s money 😀

        How much of your guruism am I using ?? How can i resist your day glow handbags and your home design expertise which I may use in one or both bedrooms 😀

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