Happy Birthday With Balloons

bfa2e85e4c95fa6ac64896806af61c18Is your birthday coming up? Would you consider throwing a party with balloons all over the place or just as a decorative detail? Balloons don’t have to look childish or boring.



These images work with pastels but any color can look very creative. I suggest trying out black & white. Both fashionable and more chic. Perfect for a grown-up party!



Try to find transparent balloon and fill them with confetti or any other delicate and light paper before blowing and add some decorative strings. The result will be pretty amazing and the effort very little.7c515b6afca91628e2f9917c6574faf4

But where did this idea come from the first place? Today’s the birthday of a lovely and very dear to my heart friend, Asia.
Asia, if you’re reading this, I wish you to be simply happy. Wherever it is you are and with whoever it is you are. Enjoy it! Every situation has a bright side. Look for it and focus on it. The same with people.
You’re a wonderful woman and I feel blessed to have you as a friend! I send you the hugest hug ever! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Asia! 




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