To Hell And Back


“To hell and back”

It’s summer, it’s hot. I feel like at a hell’s barbecue party. Everyone keeps drinking and laughing saying, cheers to Hitler! I say, Screw him! The son of a gun killed millions! And everyone turns to me, stares for a moment, until a tall old man comes up to me with a bottle of bloody red wine saying, drink more, it will do you relief. Relief?! There is no relief in hell! That’s the point! Even hell isn’t serious these days…!

I thought maybe as a fallen angel, down here, I will finally meet someone who’s honest with his feelings in his words. I was wrong. Everyone is filled with pain and swallowed tears but they keep smiling and, saying what a hell of a good day! This isn’t worse than life on Earth… It’s equal!
I wish I had made it to heaven… They say people there mean what they say. But I’m a fallen angel, and fallen angels simply don’t go to heaven. They need flying wings to get that high. But one can’t build his wings alone. He needs support. Icarus got his wings from his father, and if he hadn’t gotten carried away, he would have danced with the angels. But that example is not exactly adequate, cause Daedalus actually did believe in his son. He believed he was wiser than his youth let him be.

Now if I start building wings, how on Earth can I finish them if there’s always someone stealing feathers?! People have low faith of being able to fly so they keep cutting wings of others so that the dear ones won’t end up like Icarus – dead. They do it from concern, good intentions. The road to hell is paved with good intentions…! And that’s why nobody ever gets to heaven on Earth, cause from low faith and high fear they don’t know how to fly. And that’s why our fate is to end up in hell since that’s the only place we can get to on foot.

Written by Julita Wozny


Have courage! We were born to fly!



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