A View To The World

A view to the world can change depending on our attitude, the feeling it brings, our memories and experiences; the perspective from which we see it… A view can be depressing, usually when it’s surrounded by gray clouds and rain, although these could also make it fascinating. But sometimes we look out the window or just ahead of us from where we are standing, and the time stops. The world sucks us in. Not always we can define what exactly charmed us, and to some our thrill may not be understandable. Other times there’s no need of explanation…


I use to travel by train very often, and if the noise around wouldn’t allow me to read, I would watch the view outside the window. Very often I’d discover beauty. The road I travelled was the same, yet each time I found something new in it, something undiscovered. The sight would also vary depending on the season. And sometimes the seasons would give plenty of pearls. The winter would cover the trees and the sun reflect many tiny snowflake sparks; the forests and fields would temp to breathe in the cold air and have fun in the snow. Some falls would burst with colors. Many colors. And those would give excitement to the thought of the end of summer. Before there would be those hot and lazy days when people could be most colorful and happy ever. And then there would be Spring. Oh, the Springs! I have to say, from all seasons in Poland, I definitely favor Spring. It’s delicious. Yes, that is actually a good word to describe it. If you ever decide to visit Poland, choose Spring. You’ll then understand why…

Landscapes can be a true delight to the eye for all the reasons nature and man kind can name, and for all they both created. I often fall in love. I fall in love with the world I discover…

Keep your eyes wide open!



6 thoughts on “A View To The World

  1. Very nice post!
    I also feel train trips are very special. There’s something about them, isn’t it? 🙂

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  3. I do the same too, I often look up to the sky for when I feel stressed or drained. Then my thoughts would slowly crawl into the clouds, just like a meditation. 🙂

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