How To Match The Color Of Lipstick To Your Beauty Type?

With lipstick is like with clothes – if the color makes you glow, then it’s right for you.imageDuring years of hunting for the right color of lipstick for me, I’ve made many bad choices! This happened for a simple and known to many girls reason – I didn’t know what type of beauty am I and what colors, or better said shades, match it. With time, some research and a great dose of self-experience I finally found the answer to better cosmetic choices. I figured out which beauty type I am and therefore what shades help me bring my beauty out.


Since I know I’m not the only one who was struggling with the question, which color is right for me, I decided to share with you a bit of “lipstick knowledge”, hoping it will help you in finding better cosmetic matches and what comes with it, making better buys. More money in the pocket!

There are several rules when choosing a color tone. Most important (and this is useful for overall appearance) you should define which type of beauty you are. When it comes to cosmetics there are two general types of beauty – cold and warm. Here are few characteristics that help figure that out:

Cold type of beauty

– cold colored, pinkish skin
– first tan is pink/red
– matches with silver jewelry
– the veins on the wrist are more blueish


Warm type of beauty

– warm hair color
– gold tone of skin
– first tan is brown
– looks better with gold jewelry
– the veins on the wrist are greenish


You don’t have to fit perfectly into these characteristic’s. Most probably you have a bit of each, but still, you can define which type dominates. The basic rule here is, cold colors match the cold beauty type and warm colors the warm beauty type. Lipstick always has a blue or orange basis. For cold beauty types blue based lipsticks are most recommended. For warm, orange based. The best way to find out if the color is blue or orange based, is to compare it to either pure orange or pure blue.


A mistake in checking a lipstick’s color is painting your wrist with it. This gives you no information; not about the color, not about whether it’ll match you. To find out how a selected lipstick color will look on you, paint the palm of your finger because it has a similar color to your lips. An even better way, is placing the lipstick on the level of your lips. If you see your face glow then the tone is well matched.

I hope all this information will help you get your perfect lipstick! Please let me know if you find this helpful and wish for me to share more beauty tips.

‘Til next time,



10 thoughts on “How To Match The Color Of Lipstick To Your Beauty Type?

  1. I’ll remember this when shopping for cosmetics 🙂 That will probably be in a while, but I love beauty tips 😀 Keep ’em coming 🙂

  2. Oh, I been down this road myself (maybe one too many times) So much wasted time & money 🙂 As a new mama, I don’t wear lipstick that often, because I can’t stop kissing my baby throughout the day. However, when I do wear it, I choose a red shade that matches most types of beauty & outfits: it’s called Russian Red, though I think that the proper name for it should have been Universal Red – it complements everybody:)

    Nice post, I’ll keep in mind your tips next time I’m out shopping for a lipstick!

    Have a good one,

    • Ah, the universal Russian Red! 🙂 I’m glad you mentioned it cause I forgot to. Russian Red is a good choice when you’re confused with which tones suits you well. It really is made for all women.

      I wish you a lovely day & that today little Clover is most kissable ever! 🙂

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