Monochrome Trend. Black & White Spring.

PHOTO @ TEAM PETER STIGTERI’ve told a lil bit ’bout the hottest trends for the following season. What else is going to be top fashion? Monochrome! This term may sound slightly enigmatic. A monochrome outfit is one that works with shades of one color. That’s why this includes the, always fashionably black & white combo.


a69902df47b53cab94eb5f9ec0932909I’m not so sure how this trend will co-operate with the joy of Spring and Summer. Perhaps adding a touch of neon or just any live color in accessories could give it all a fresh look. The good part about this style is that anyone can create it without spending a penny! I’m sure you can find something white and black in your closet!

b740de6a603b0f5560e9d4006ad00a1fIn case you do need some Spring closet refreshment, here are some black and white shoes from Zara’s latest collection. Beauties!1218201202_1_1_1

What do you think of this trend? Will you give it a go?

‘Til next time,



16 thoughts on “Monochrome Trend. Black & White Spring.

  1. black and white, an all-time perfect combination! i wish i have “the height” so i could wear something like in the first photo. oh well, i’m a tiny thing HAHAHA.

    the third one is really cool. hmmmmm 🙂

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