Gifting The World Less Trash. Re-Use Plastic.


I’m not the kind that keeps and gathers as much as possible. I actually keep the minimum. However, whatever I know I can and will re-use I save. And with time I find more things like that, which spares me that unpleasant feeling of guilt each time I threw away plastic.

Since the world is in our hands and it’s up to all of us to keep it clean and healthy, I’d like to share with you more re-use of plastic idea’s, hoping they’ll inspire you to take more care of what you through away.

This time, some creative idea’s on how to wrap a present in plastic & make it actually look cute:


realsimple.comproduce-bag-2Good-looking, environment friendly & economic. Could it get any better?

Think twice before you through anything away.

See you soon,


9 thoughts on “Gifting The World Less Trash. Re-Use Plastic.

  1. You have some really great ideas!
    I set a goal for my family to buy and throw away less. I was saving all glass pasta jars and bottles etc. The only thing you have to be careful of when saving plastic, specifically water bottles with the intent of using them again is that the chemicals in plastic can leach into food and liquid especially when left in the sun or in heat and turns into a carcinogen.
    We don’t own a microwave anymore and when we did I made sure not to microwave in plastic anything.
    Your work doesn’t seem to have anything to do with food and plastic…I’m looking forward to trying some of these out!

    • True! I’m glad you mentioned the problem with carcinogen! Not everyone knows about that.

      Also very nice of you to share your re-use habits! It’s good to hear people are more aware & careful.

      Have a great day, Elizabeth! 🙂

  2. Cute! I remember making a plastic purse once with my bff when we were 15-ish :-p We discovered that there are a lot of nice plastic bags in the world…

  3. very creative Ms. Julita! 🙂

    once, i used grocery brown bags to wrap a gift, and tied a ribbon on it using the ribbon in my improvised gymnast’s wand 😉

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