This Must Be The Place

When it came to creating our own little place, me & he couldn’t agree better! We both had a vision of an open space, filled with light. And that’s exactly what we achieved. photo-47All rooms are most of all white. Yes, because I adore white interiors. And because he does too. There’s a lot of old furniture, some painted and scratched to brighter wood, and pieces we created on our own. Due to our love of smart spending and ecology, we tried to re-use as many things as possible. imagephoto-12

We love this place in day time for its amazing light, and in the night, for the cosy and romantic atmosphere it carries.  There’s still so much to be done since we started from absolute point zero. For now it’s still just some furniture, and things we need for everyday functioning. Not much decoration and special details to give it that one of a kind character. But step by step it’s starting to look more like home. And what’s more important, we have great joy in any little progress!

Wishing you an easy week,



3 thoughts on “This Must Be The Place

  1. These pictures are really beautiful! I love read for my rooms, but this makes me want to include more white. And thanks for linking my paper birds!

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