From The Love Of Color. Neon Spring Inspirations.

51724c52c77d3e9e41ae5d7df9dbedfeSpring is just a month away and I can’t wait for its’ arrival! The sun, the flowers, the greenest green… Spring is definitely the most colorful season! Ok, so I admit Canada’s fall can actually compete with that… but where I’m from, fall is mostly rainy and gray. So I’m already preparing mentally for the picturesque scenery, while still taking benefit of the great amount of snow outside. And to you I bring, a handful of massive color for a spring look. Hope it inspires! tumblr_m0iux8ia6H1qb46hzo1_5002s6wx92tumblr_mi8jqpIPyp1qze8x7o1_500

For more color inspirations go to Neon Winter. Spring/Summer Trendtumblr_miflehmgl31qa4ahwo1_500neon-shoes-tremdtumblr_mil714Fzo81rm2veco1_500

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7 thoughts on “From The Love Of Color. Neon Spring Inspirations.

  1. Bleh, it means everyone will be wearing orange jackets now that will be nicer than mine… Hehe, mostly kidding.. *_* The first pic kind of reminded me of Mood of Norway, btw.. Don’t know if you’ve heard about them – they have a quite funny/funky style, with Norwgian “symbols” like tractors and moose (cute, huh?) 😀

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