Versatile Blogger & Lovely Blog Award


I’m pretty blessed lately with the appreciation of my blog. It’s so nice to see once again a nomination for the Versatile Blogger! This time it came from Evelyn Geishofer who runes evis lens. And although I’ve fulfilled my versatile award duties just few days ago, I’d like to mention this nomination (what a rhyme!) just so I can introduce you all to Evelyn, in case you haven’t discovered her yet! She’s a nice soul with a nice blog.

To see which blogs I nominated & read 7 facts about me, check out my earlier post – And the Versatile Blogger Award goes to…

Wait, there’s more! Just as I was visiting Le Blog Du Spectateur Sentimentale which I haven’t heard from lately and do follow, I noticed a post from August (!) which I somehow missed, and in which I was nominated for the Lovely Blog Award! Thank you Le Blog Du Spectateur Sentimentale! That was such a nice surprise!

This is even nicer since it allows me to nominate some of my favorite sites which are most truly lovely!

1) After My Coffee
2) Evis Lens
3) Hiking Photo
4) His Fashion Blog – so fresh & relaxing
5) – makes you love the waters!
6) Le Zoe Musings – my moment of calm & inspiration
7) Marcelo Leonard
8) marcus hiersemann – simply amazing!
9) Men i
In Style Society
 – 4 the men
10) Moments – like sipping tea with a best friend atmosphere
11) My Style Poetry – great taste, great photos
12) Peter Knight Photography
13) Second Tree To The Left
14) Vincent Mars – it’s a sin to not visit!
15) Violet Gallery

A big thank you to all of you for your inspiring and so pleasant blogs, that make me ask for more! Keep up the fantastic work!

Before I leave, 7 more facts:

1) I was a very independent little girl, who dressed herself on her own. Not always the right way. But I’d never let anyone change it.
2) In the time I abandoned this blog, I traveled and read many books. Now I have less time and miss reading.
3) I found love in Auschwitz.
4) I can color. No, seriously, I won some coloring competitions.
5) I smile when I’m stressed.
6) I saw a blind man clean after his dog. Impressive!
7) I stept into dog feces several times so I appreciate nr 6 even more!

Enjoy the weekend!



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