Back To School

Did/do you like school? Do you have good memories from that class, school locker,  bell-ringing, hanging out with best friends at recess, time? I can’t complain, my school years were good to me. I always had plenty of friends, teachers liked me, my grades were very good, and I even enjoyed studying. To some point. Yeah, I was a happy student… Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t understand those who hatted school and got fever just at the thought of leaving home. I get that. You see, I had my dose of stress, anger, failure & sad moments. I had crazy teachers and mean classmates too. And even though I never experienced those horror-like situations shown in movies, there were days when I wished to stay at home.

Let’s face it, the strongest reason for my joy of going to school was my social life. It’s my friends who created a wonderful atmosphere that would turn into a huge dose of fun & long-lasting relationships. So to them, a big thank you & cheers to all those great memories!


mensfashionworld.tumblr.comThe funny thing about uniforms is that when you don’t have to wear them, you wanna wear them, & when you have to wear them, you shudder just at the thought of them.




Looking forward to reading your thoughts on school times,



8 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. You’re right. If we are forced to wear uniforms, we don’t like to obey it. Once we become not to need to wear them, we’d like to miss them. How come?Quite funny thing, isn’t it?

  2. Ohhh, those days! It was like a roller-coaster for me: some days were good and bright, and some, well…not very good. I was an average student – that was my form of rebellion against the social harness and “Must-s” and “Have to-s”. I loved individual studying and the freedom of choosing what books to read, what/when to learn, so my grades kind of reflected that. But it wasn’t the grades and the degrees and the merits I was after: I was a seeker and promoter of freedom, of normality, of intellectual curiosity. And sometimes it felt like I was facing a wall.

    Luckily, that era is behind me! I was so eager to become a grown-up! Now I look back with nostalgia upon those days. Good thing the past is such a great teacher!

    Loved this post 🙂

    • Oh, how I understand! I was the one to obey but never understood the system. There was a short moment when I fought with it but finally realized it’s just useless. So I went with the stream and just smiled at its’ craziness. And that’s when I felt happier.

      There’s so much to question when it comes to education…

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