The Tree

This isn’t just a tree. This is a very SPECIAL tree. A tree that grew up with me. That witnessed the day I first arrived as a newborn from the hospital to a place that  later I called my home.


This tree stands right in front of the window of a room once know as mine. We met every day. I learned its’ life, its’ cycle. And probably it got to know mine. Every year I’d get mad when workers cut its branches. Did it hurt? The tree never wept, I never knew. But soon it would bloom…
Yes, I liked it most in late Spring and in rainy summer days, when its’ green would be greenest ever. With its’ wide shoulders of branches filled with leaves, it would give me a very private zone. A very green view to the world outside. It felt as if I’d already be in a forest, in the heart of nature.

However, dear Friends, right now that tree seems sad. The snow has melted yet its’ branches are still nude. But its’ arms aren’t empty… For this tree carries hope in all seasons! I look at it and I simply know, that soon from now it will once again be juicy green, stopping my sight at its’ joyful existence…

Do you also know a special tree? What view from your window do you remember to have as a child?


P.S. Plenty of trees are being cut down every day, & I can’t be sure if one day someone won’t decide to cut down this special creature. If they do, I might get angry or even cry. Or both…
I realized how special this tree is while writing this post…

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8 thoughts on “The Tree

  1. Nice and touching and what a lovely tree it is. I don’t have a bonding with a childhood tree as I moved with my family a lot. But we planted a Guava tree behind the house since the last 20 years or so and it has been giving fruits each season. I am told that once a fruit tree grows old it will not give as much fruits. But I have really enjoyed eating them and giving some away to friends and neighbours each year. With winter the leaves have fallen but come spring the leaves grow back. I think we will just let it be. Let it grow old like us.

    • That’s a beautiful story! Fruits from trees we plant ourselves taste best of all! My grandparents have several fruit trees in their garden so I know what I’m saying ;). And there was always enough to give to all the family & friends!

      In Poland we believe that if a planted tree overgrows the house, one of the householders will die. I’m not very superstitious so I couldn’t care less, but many cut the branches to keep the tree shorter.

  2. My special tree is outside my beedroom (well, my bedroom in my parent’s home), so every time I go there I talk to my tree and I feel at home. Sadly, in my appartement there’s not any tree or any green view 😦

    • That’s very nice! 🙂
      It’s a shame you don’t have a green view in your own place though. But maybe that motivates you more to go out to take your dose of green each day;).

      Bon dia, Nuresma!

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  4. I remember when I was a smaller kid I planted a tamarind tree on the front yard of my loving nanny’s house, as time passed it has given her a lot of fruits & would bring some to our house. And every time I go visit her she’d always tell me of the tree, how she loved looking at it ‘coz it reminds her of my childhood – the many times I’ve climbed it up and how I was always mad of the messy leaves on the ground :D. I never put special interest on that tree while I was gone for a long time and later I realized how important it is to pay kind attention to what our love ones are telling us and their sentiments. Now, the tree is gone and so is she. 😦

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