Hungry For Valentine’s Day

tumblr_mdpsxrxyik1qfn0ljo1_1280-1Are you hungry for Valentine’s Day? Is it at all your kind of day? I think I’m stuck somewhere between the need of celebrating & the thought of its nonsense. In a way I believe Valentine’s Day is nothing but another occasion for businessman to earn. Why is it that on the 14th of February I have to get all pretty, and go out with my love to some exclusive restaurant, carrying a present packed in red or pink with tones of hearts on top…? You end up sitting elbow to elbow with your neighbor, Β another in love couple, cause it’s impossible to ask for any privacy on such commercialized day. You can sense the romance…


What I want to say, is that I really wish that there would be no necessity of Valentine’s Day. That couples would remember to feed their love each day, not just on special occasions. To not have to wait for that special day to celebrate what they share just because, after years, with all the worries and duties of everyday life, they tend to forget. I’d lie if I’d say my relationship is all serenades and butterflies. However we never wait with romance. Furthermore, each day I go to sleep with the purest, most real feeling, that I am loved beyond all. And I smile as I lay down to rest in my love’s arms, where I feel safest of all…

With this I’m saying, don’t wait for Valentine’s Day. Make that day today! And every other day. ‘Til death do you part…



17 thoughts on “Hungry For Valentine’s Day

    • I have to say I specially like receiving comments from you, Anya. You’ve been around since the beginning of this journey.

      I’m going to show some details from my house very soon! There’s still sooo much to do there but there are things I want to share already. Hope you’ll like it :).

      Hope this day treats you kindly,

      • wow, thank you Ms. Julita, it’s really flattering to hear that! i love your blog, it’s so feminine and refreshing. quite honestly, i always find serenity in your posts, i believe it’s because i like the artistry going on here; i just love your picks! πŸ™‚

        and i’m looking forward to seeing some details of your home sweet home. i’m giddy! ^^, i’m sure i’m going to like it ‘coz i love your pegs for houses. πŸ™‚

        catch ya soon!

    • Oh, it should! No matter how busy our days are, we should always find a moment to show affection to the one’s we love most. That way every day will be a happy one. After all, what’s better than loving & being loved?

      Thank you for your comment!
      Hope you have a LOVEly day!;)

  1. Oh what a lovely post! This is precisely how I feel!

    I refuse to go out on the 14th, it’s insanity! I also believe love should be celebrated daily, not just once a year.

    *le sigh* Hallmark has too much power these days.

    I love all the photos. πŸ™‚

    ❀ Jules

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