Paint Them Lips Red

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so I’m already working on some “love” inspirations which means, anything red is very welcome. That’s how this post came to life.


I’m a definite ‘yes’ when it comes to red lipstick & have been wishing for one for few years now. I took the challenge of finding one several times already but never seemed to succeed. No shade was good for me. However I have made some little goals for this month & one of those silly one’s is to find that perfect shade of red to dress my lips! Will have the guts to wear red lips? Wish me luck!



How are you about red lips? Do you find them feminine, attractive? Or maybe they just scream too much? Share your impression!

 ‘Til next time,



9 thoughts on “Paint Them Lips Red

  1. Red looks just great though older women tend to love it. But I guess it depends on the colour of the season. I think red will be in. A great deal of South Asian women tend to wear it.

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