Christmas Tree


One of the main symbols of Christmas is a decorated tree, also known as the Christmas tree. Therefor not many of us can imagine celebrating without it. Where would all the presents go? What would light the house with warm reflections? We can easily find answers to those questions but somehow, no matter if rational or not, we can’t seem to detach ourselves from the vision of having a Christmas tree inside our house. It’s funny how many details we need to make a Christmas day complete & satisfying.

I always enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree. Ever since I can remember I waited ready and steady when my mom declared it’s time to up-grade our naked tree. And, oh was I happy! Back then the process was more joyful then the result. Nowadays, I think I enjoy more the final effect than the whole (tangled lights, tangled chains…) road. I enjoy when I can finally sit with a cup of hot winter tea and turn on the Christmas lights that get me in a romantic mood.


I don’t know if I’ll have a Christmas tree this year since I’ll arrive home on Saturday, night time. But I have found some alternatives that could be very fun to make. Especially with my creative soulmate!




This USE to be a tree…

And two re-use idea’s:

155796468330607063_l7QHfQEu_cThis idea has a lot of potential. You can paint, glue or hang whatever you like and however you like.


Old newspaper re-used for a Christmas tree.

Could these capture the spirit of Christmas? I have my doubts… But they sure are creative.

Happy decorating!


4 thoughts on “Christmas Tree

  1. I think they are lovely ideas, but lights are a MusT have.. otherwise the effect is just not the same šŸ˜› I think the illuminations is what I love most about winter, the cozyness šŸ˜€

    • You’re absolutely right! It’s all about the lights. Adding them to any of these idea’s makes it all work!

      I also couldn’t agree with you more on the coziness of Christmas lights. There sight just wraps you around with it’s warm shoulders in the coolest day!

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