Christmas Card, Christmas Feel

You know Christmas is coming when…? What gets you in the Christmas mood? Is it cleaning, baking, running around like crazy looking for the perfect present, decorating your tree, packing gifts, listening to holiday hits like “Last Christmas” and the Christmas before…? The list seems never-ending! I can’t really tell what gets me in that magical Christmas mood. Maybe it’s a bit of everything. Then again, I don’t think I’m there yet, and I get this impression that maybe that moment will come when I see my family all together again.


I have to say I always loved choosing, packing and giving Christmas presents. I honestly still like it, but somehow I’m tired of these “routines”. Nowadays it seems that all there is to Christmas is material goods and a blindingly clean house… And that just makes it all much more sad… I found myself standing in front of this every year event not knowing what it really means and what it’s really for. Which makes me even more disappointed. Why is it that it’s no longer enough to be in the arms of our beloved and family, sharing one simple warm dish and talking, singing, dancing or whatever the heart desires? Why do we need Christmas songs, presents, trees, twelve dishes, reindeer’s, Santa Clause and a mysterious list of wishes to fulfill in one day? Is there any room for religious (after all this is a RELIGIOUS event) reflections? Would we really enjoy and FEEL Christmas if it weren’t for all these material traditions? Would we still think it’s the most wonderful time of the year? ‘Cause we should, shouldn’t we…?


With love,



5 thoughts on “Christmas Card, Christmas Feel

  1. I know it’s Christmas when I see lights everywhere. I do love Christmas lights.
    Anyway, I have quite austere Christmases. I don’t play the big consumerism role…just few handmade presents for the loved ones and, as you said, the best gift is family and friends.
    Molt bon Nadal per a tu i la teva família!

    • I was also going to write light! That’s truly the most visually beautiful part of Christmas.. And I don’t really have that many Christmas routines..

    • Good for you, Nuresma, to not get all crazy in this glorious time! And I love your tradition of making your own presents! What will you make this year? Making you could make a post about it?

      Aww! Moltes gràcies i igualment per a tu i la teva família! Molt d’amor!

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